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At house of Umami, we are  much more than a ramen restaurant. Established in 2023, we are on a culinary journey through the dynamic and rich tapestry of Asian cuisine. Our name is a tribute to the fifth taste, known as “umami”, which creates a deep, satisfying sensation of savoriness. It is this distinct taste that we seek to honor and elevate in each of our dishes, hence the birth of our fusion ramen experience. Nestled in the heart of the city, we bring together the best of the East, serving up and hand-crafted dishes that balance tradition and innovation.

Our skilled chefs blend time-honored techniques with contemporary flair to produce a menu brimming with enticing flavors. House of Umami’s specialty  is ramen, but we’re far from traditional. Each bowl tells a story of multiple Asian cuisines, harmoniously intertwining ingredients and styles to create something both comfortingly familiar and excitingly novel. From the intensity of our broths to the integrity of our noodles, every element is thoughtfully curated to produce an unforgettable dining experience. At House of Umami, we don’t just serve ramen, we serve an adventure that tantalizes the palate and stirs the soul. Join us on this gastronomic journey and embrace the vibrant world of fusion at its best. 

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Canton, MI


Jackson, MI

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Macomb MI

Macomb, MI

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Shelby Township, MI

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Novi, MI

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Troy, MI

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Rochester Hills, MI

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